HP digital printing solutions, combined with your skill set, provide the most effective way to build your digital difference, enabling graphic arts professionals to do more, do it differently, and do it better.

HP Technology for Graphic/Photo Printers

  • HP Graphic Vivera professional inks are pigment-based and formulated to deliver exceptional image quality, permanence, and durability across a broad media set
  • HP multiple black inksets form part of the 8-ink and 12-ink pigment ink systems used in the graphics printers, and deliver an exceptionally broad colour gamut for photographic and graphic art applications, neutral tones, and deep blacks on matte, glossy, semi-gloss and fine art papers
  • HP DreamColor Technologies helps you more accurately match colour to the original - display, printer, press - and produce true spot colour prints and proofs
  • Using automatic closed loop colour calibration processes, HP Designjet printer scan ensure accurate and consistent colour reproduction from printer-to-printer and print-to-print
  • HP's Embedded Spectrophotometer is mounted on the printer carriage of the latest Z-series graphics printers, and allows you to automatically generate custom ICC profiles for your preferred paper, and calibrate the printer to produce consitent results
  • HP Professional PANTONEĀ® emulation enables you to get a broad colour gamut and accurate spot-colour proofing with a colourmetric match of up to 78% of PANTONEĀ® colours

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